Wynmerestow at Forward into the Past

We were asked to put on a Living History Exhibit at "Forward into the Past" a day of classes on the middle ages. FITP is hosted by the local SCA group, and had teachers from the SCA, REGIA and DARC. As well as the LHE, Regia members also taught classes on: The Mastermyr tool chest, Arms & Armour, Handsewing, Spinning, Clothing in 11th century England, flint & steel firestarting, & pottery. ( 8 hours in all )



AEdwen & Magnus

Arms & Armour

Domestic items

More arms & Armour

Shield & bow


costume accesories

Bone & antler working

Kitchen equipment

Tablet weaving & Wax tablet

Flint & steel firestarting stuff

Magnus making fire

Magnus succeeds in making fire



hamming around afterwards